21:57 14-02-2012
De Grenscrossers
Zaterdag 21/4/2012 en Zondag 22/4/2012
Autocross in Essen (B)
zondag ook Kevers en sprinters
meer info:
12:33 22-09-2011
KixXxs is evenement voor jong en oud met een veelzijdig aanbod van spektakel en entertainment.
Tuning & styling, exotische auto’s, motoren, scooters, solexen, paintball, kunst, spectaculaire stunts show, demo’s te veel om op te noemen.
Alles in de trend van beleven en genieten!
Voor bezoeker en deelnemer niet alleen kijken maar ook zelf doen.
Stap in de drifttaxi en ervaar wat dwars gaan is vanuit de auto.
Ga met je vrienden op oorlogspad en ga een potje paintballen.
Altijd eens een stukje op een sneeuwscooter, quad, buggy, solex, elektrische skateboard enz. willen rijden?
Alles is mogelijk!
Op elk evenement zijn er verschillende onderdelen waar je zelf aan kunt deelnemen.
Dit alles in een niet normale omgeving/opbouw en voorzien flinke dosis humor.
Niets is hier te gek!

Wij zijn benieuwd of dit iets is voor jullie club of vereniging.
Graag zouden wij dan ook in contact komen met één van jullie leden.

Met vriendelijke groet,

12:01 20-08-2011
De autocross in de Basse is op:
18 september 2011 aanvang 11:30u.

Opgave is op 20 augustus vanaf 19:00u in het buurthuis van de Basse.
Voor meer informatie:
19:18 15-07-2011
Hello, dear Terry Callaghan,

I am László Buday from Hungary we have spoken each other in Nova Paka, and you said I might write to you.

At first I congratulate to your success in Nova Paka and to your new car. It goes well, and you drive it well too. Thank you very much, you were sok ind to me there, you gave me a cap with your address, I am pleased it very much. I am only a little Hungarian fan of you, and you were so kind to me.

I see and love autocross since 1985, now I am 33 years old, although I have seen many other car races, it is my all, it is my passion, and autocross is the part of my life. Unfortunately, my material position not allows of me to race and I haven’t any occassion to drive a crosscar in my life, but the fantastic racing cars means the perfection to me.

But then I would like to ask some question to you. Your answer could be very important to me, and I will be very thankful to you could to expend time on me, and you could straight answer me. Of course I will not to forward information.

Unfortunately at our in Hungary the autocross is contemned, an the abilities of drivers are not accepted and some of the rally cross said this cars are out of date and slow, in turn Károly Ábrahám, my friend, you know him, have demonstrated.

In Kakucs a race has been organised, in a rally cross track, so the crosscars used rubble gums and not the gear-box either the running gear were not converted. Tamás Kárai started in rally cross, and have competed with Hungarian rallycross elite. The result was strange, Károly Ábrahám’ s time was better then the rallycross cars’s and even better than Tamás Kárai’s time.

But it was not enough evidence for them, they said the best from the rallycross European Championship are unbeateble from a crosscar, but I have other opinion.

I passed a car mechanic school and I have learnt physics an I have seen a lot of car races in my life, my experiences is: a (caroisserie) body-car to beat a buggy is an absurdity, namely in the Hungaroring has gone DTM cars, they take a lap in 1 minute and 49 seconds, the Hungarian rally out of date form Renault cars achive it 1 minute and 47 seconds.

From this I can draw the inference a rallycross car 1200-1300 kg 500-600 hp 800-900 Nm and frontmotor type, a 1600 cm3 crosscars weight 500-600 kg 200-300 hp, 170-210 nm a superbuggy now 610-800 kg 350-650 hp 600-700 nm and buggies resulted much more weight distribution and centre of gravity by the start and int he bends too.

So my question is: The upper-class of the two buggy categories (1600 Dufour, Musil, Lagodny) and your category, the super buggy and first and foremost you could to beat the elite of the rallycross European Championship in rallycross track without transformation. What could be the result?

If so you so couldn’t beat them, with a special to a rallycross track built buggy (gear-box, supervision) what could be the result?

Please you very much, if you have some experiences with this, some dates, or film, tell me what is your opinion in connection with this question.

The reason of my question is the huge pain and unhappiness, that my adored race, racers I look up, and you too dispise your knowledge and capabilities of your cars.

This pains me very much. I questioned you, because I consider you a very good professional.

Thank you very much, you have read my letter, and eventually you favour me to answer.

I hope your seasion will be very successful, you will be lucky and soon European Champion.

I would be glad, if I would saw you in races, I am going to be in Prerov and Nyírád, I will jitter you and your partners.

Excuse me, I have disturbed you.

Have a nice day, look after yourself.

Your fan, László Buday
20:36 27-05-2011
Hoi allen,

Donderdag 2 juni 2011 wedstrijd sprint-cross te Doornik (boogscheut van Ruiselede) voor sprinters, verlaagde kevers en crosskarts.

Parcours van 1100 meter dat voor 70% bestaat uit asfalt, 10% gravel en 20% onverhard (klei). Foto's en schets circuit + info op

Met sportieve groeten,
Robin VH
12:50 10-04-2011
RG Itterbeck
1. Lauf zur Deutschen Meisterschaft
1. Mai 2011 in Itterbeck
19:18 13-10-2010
Hello Terry,
i'm Dino Semenzato from Italy,i have a proto 4x4 D3 with ford cosworth engine.
We have see in Maggiora for European Championship, my proto is blue and with, i have some questions for you.
You have an alluminium engine block? If yes you sell and how much??
You use a tibuc inletsystem?what do you think of this because i'm interesting to buy one.

Thank soo much
see you next race

Dino Semenzato
13:54 04-10-2010
zie dat de sprinter te koop staat? wat zijn de plannen voor de toekomst?

groetjes coen
19:32 29-09-2010
Terry gefeliciteerd met je 5de plaats
18:02 27-09-2010
oeps! hoor net van ons oma dat het toch de 5e plek is!
ahjoh, foutje moet kunnen..
alsnog gefeliciteerd, volgend jaar keihard nummer 1 !!
19:48 26-09-2010
6e plek nu in het kampioenschap, gefeliciteerd!
volgend jaar, keihard nummer 1 !!
14:58 26-09-2010
2e manche, 2e plek, goed gereden!
3e manche en finale, komt helemaal goed!
18:50 25-09-2010
al een manche gereden, alweer keihard nummer 1 !!
komt helemaal goed dit weekend!
18:38 20-09-2010
oeps. bedoelde 5e

komt goed in italie!
16:50 19-09-2010
't was weer een pech weekend!
in italie word het allemaal beter, dat weet ik zeker.

je verdient het gewoon om kampioen te worden, en anders, nummer 3 is ook niet verkeerd!

groetjes, en veel succes alvast in Italie.
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